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Intaglio Printmaking (DETAIL FOTOS)

At first sight, you might think that I do drawing. But, when facing an original work, you will see that I do intaglio printmaking: etching, drypoint and aquatint. 

I use those techniques due to their peculiar lines and tonal areas. Their special haptic is due to the process itself: In intaglio printing, the lines or areas are incised below the surface of a copperplate. Those lines and areas can be etched or scratched into the plate. They hold the ink and give it to the paper on which the plate is printed. So, their individual appearance depends on their particular creation and printing process.

I came across intaglio printmaking early in my studies. Having tried out different techniques and materials, and having finished my studies in 2015, I concentrated on intaglio printmaking techniques. Since 2016, I have my own fully equipped printmaking studio at Künstlerhaus Andreasstadel Regensburg, where I create my plates myself and print them in small editions.

For information on my artistic attitude, you might be interested in reading my Artist Statement, an interview, or texts by gallerists or art critics on my work. Please find them in the section TEXTS.